Reinstall Vipre Already Purchased

Simple Instruction to Reinstall Vipre Advanced Security?

Vipre is well known and award winning security software for windows and Mac computer, It is essential program to every computer needs. Vipre advanced security software available on both free and paid version. In premium version, there are two different option are available, one is VIPRE advanced software for Home and second is for business purpose.

Here we can discus, how to uninstall and reinstall vipre advanced security in your windows and MAC computers. Let’s begin..

How to uninstall VIPRE security Software in your Computer?

  • Turn on your computer
  • Choose Control Panel option from menu bar
  • Now click on uninstall a program
  • Here you can see, VIPRE security software in the list
  • Now right click on & click uninstall
  • Wait some time and restart your computer
  • VIPRE security is removed from your computer.

After Successfully Uninstalling Process, here we go to discus, how to Reinstall again. Let’s begin

  • Open your computer and go to your favorite browser, like Chrome, Mozilla and Microsoft Bing
  • In web browser, type and click enter.
  • Now click on login option
  • Login your account, by filling registered email id and password
  • Now click on download option
  • Your download file automatically save in your download folder
  • Now go to download folder, where you can see vipre download file
  • Double click on that file
  • After double click, give permission to installation process
  • Follow the on screen instruction for installation purpose
  • Please wait some time
  • After complete installation process, Restart your system
  • Turn on again your computer
  • Now go to computer desktop
  • Where you can see VIPRE icon, click to open it
  • Now Vipre is full installed and ready for it’s first scan
  • Enjoy your digital life, you are safe and secure

What is VIPRE Advanced Security for 3-PC / 1-Year

VIPRE’S advanced cybersecurity software turning with VIPRE Advanced Security 3 PC 1 Year, another strong resolution to all your online virus that is more than regular security software. It secures your personal data and private information safe against most nefarious malware using top-notch, highly-rated award winning security protection. It provides you best alternative antivirus because it will block even the most stubborn virus that evades and slip through traditional antivirus into your PCs and Macs. 

Are you alarmed of today’s technology world with unexampled cyber attacks? VIPRE Advanced security offers you Active Protection and security advantages that target all the threats, including those that are hidden and try to perforate your computer unnoticed.

Already infected with ransomware and virus? No issues. VIPRE Advanced Security offers powerful scanning abilities that monitor and delete threats from your computer. Set up scheduled scans to ensure no delay slow you down when working or spend your free time, while not having to forfeiture full protection against virus.

On the off chance that you think you know worked on with regards to antivirus, then, at that point, you have not met VIPRE Advanced Security. Made with state of the art PC security innovation, VIPER gives a further developed security suite to PCs and home clients. In spite of its oversimplified, delightfully constructed, natural interface VAS has additional elements that guarantee your advanced character and individual information are protected.

Would viper be able to make your PC totally protected? Indeed, VIPRE Advanced Security safeguards against malware, ransomware rootkits, infections, Trojans, spyware, takes advantage of, and other arising dangers. This is an uncommon degree of security from any antivirus.

Complete internet based insurance necessitates that you get something beyond a customary antivirus. VIPRE Advanced Security 3 PC 1 Year is an across the board suite antivirus, which ensures your web-based personality, guards your PC on the web and disconnected and wards off spams, spyware, phishing tricks, and ransomware among other evil dangers in this period of normal uncommon cyberattacks. With VIPRE, you are presented to an amazing antivirus that joins shrewd antivirus, antispyware, and brilliant enemy of ransomware advances to give you complete web security.

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  • Real-Time security: blocks malicious background activities, including any look up or data theft attempts by certain program, and cautions you immediately or takes action to secure your data.
  • PC Explorer: Exposes your computer settings on that makes your data and information vulnerable to threats.
  • Highest Rated security: VIPRE reliably earns an Advanced+ rating from world’s most widely-trusted independent security software testing superior because of its best security capabilities and trusted features that secure you and your PC both online and offline.
  • Advanced Security software: Defends your computer against malware, ransomware and newly threats, spyware, Trojans, viruses, exploits, rootkits, and more to provide you peace of mind.
  • Edge Security: Secure you against Zero-day threats by securing your browsers against drive-by download attacks and unknown & known exploit kits.
  • Auto Patch: Defends your computer against most common cause of computer infections – vulnerable software – by automatically updating your program to current versions.
  • Easy to Use: you can simply choose or schedule scans, customize the software of patches, and check for current definition updates among many more uses than you may need from an security software.
  • Webcam Blocker: Secure your microphone and webcam from harmful hackers and intruders through VIPRE Privacy Shield, and deny all external access attempts into your computer. 
  • Advanced two-way Firewall: Secures you against malicious incoming and outgoing Internet traffic that intends to slip into your computer without authorization. It has customizable settings for advanced users who would like to stay incognito.
  • History Cleaner: Delete search and browser histories, including your history stored by many third-party software and ensures that no one can target you based on your online history.
  • Email Safety: Secure against infected attachments and malicious links, including spam emails, to keep you secure from online threats spread by email.Email security additionally has spam channel that channels undesirable messages from your mail-inbox and shields you against spam, pernicious URLs. phishing tricks.

System Requirements

To run VIPRE advanced Security ineffectively, you need PC-compatible system with at least 512 MB of RAM that’s running 32- or 64-bit OS of any of the following Windows versions:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7 or Windows 8, Windows 10 and windows 11

Additionally, we suggest at least 1 GB of memory, high speed Internet connection and latest service pack for your version of Microsoft Windows.


Are you weary of complex antivirus with over the top number of features? There are quite lot of users who feel homesick thinking of old-school security tools that just secure your computer. Now, Vipre is rare gem in the modern security market. It is focused on security of the computer ditching all other features as unnecessary noise.

When you install and open Vipre, , you don’t see anything more other than filtering and assurance choices. No presentation streamlining or different elements that are generally added just to expand the worth of the product. Vipre is direct. It is here to guard your PC, that’s it.

Malware Protection in your Computer

Vipre have great fighter features against malware. This antivirus has high sensing score – it found 99% of malware during tests. And the scanning didn’t take long. Add to it that Vipre can delete all captured malicious program without leaving any trace of it.

To ensure that users won’t catch viruses, Vipre has real-time scan that will not only secure you from phishing and keep you away from harmful websites but scan your social media accounts as well. For example, it will scan Facebook feed to make sure it doesn’t contain any malicious links.

Scanning Options

You can select between quick & full scans. Also, you can schedule them setting weekdays & time when you need software to scan your computer. It is very convenient since you can select the time when you’re not using your PC.

Vipre permits running custom scan as well. You can check what to scan:

  • running software;
  • archived and compressed files
  • cookies;
  • windows registry;
  • rootkits;.

Or you can pick certain location. Also, you can pick whether you need to use Vipre RapidScan Technology that will boost speed of the scanning. You can select for software to shut down the PC after scanning, too.

Don’t get bemused by its simplicity. Simple doesn’t mean unreliable. Vipre shows important results during lab tests & observe almost 100% of all threats. Therefore, selection this antivirus, you will be fortified from any virus or malware you might face surfing internet.

With the real-time security against snooping and data theft, security for web camera, microphone and passwords you will be total safe from any harmful virus and malware. And if you are in doubt, you can get free trial version for 30 days and see if this antivirus fits your requirements and expectations.