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Simple Instruction to Download & Install VIPRE with Key Code

For Windows

  • To download VIPRE Security for windows open any web browser like Chrome, Mozilla and Microsoft Bing.
  • Now type the, On the main page, you will see the Download button.
  • Then Download of the setup will start automatically. Then for installation open the browser’s Download folder. Choose or click on Features & benefits of viper antivirus advanced security.exe setup.
  • After that double hit on that setup. Then run application. After that permit by clicking on the Yes option.
  • Now the key code page will seem in front of you. There enter the keycode in the boxes.
  • After that tick the agree on the terms and conditions. Then click on Install option.
  • The installation will start. After that click on the continue on Vipre option. The application will begin to scan the files and apps.

For Mac 

  • First of all Download setup of Vipre antivirus by the site.
  • Then after clicking on .exe setup of Features & benefits of viper antivirus to run the application.
  • After that click on continue option. Then license and Agreements page will open there read the license and Agreements.
  • After that click on continue option below. Then click on Agree option.
  • Hit on the Install option. Then click on the continue option.
  • Choose the user for all computers. Click on the continue option. Then VIPRE antivirus installation is successful.

What is the Features & Uses of VIPRE Antivirus

Features & advantages of viper antivirus are as follows. The VIPRE antivirus is an superior viruses cleaner. As well as it offers advanced threats intelligent features. It is smooth-running type of antivirus. The viper antivirus secure against spyware, malware, ransomware, etc. This antivirus also offers security to your data present in the devices you have. The viper antivirus develops all cybersecurity products for your devices. The viper antivirus is the most top-rated type of security antivirus. The malware, spyware, and other viruses are detected as well as removed from your computer. It also scans files and the applications present in the device to get antivirus in those files and applications.

It is likewise known for the quickest checking antivirus for the gadget. You can even empower cloud-based security for additional outcomes. In case your application requires any update, then, at that point, the snake consequently refreshes the use of your gadget. In the event that the product doesnt function as said, they will give an unconditional promise of 30 days. It even stays away from spam messages and other phishing. The perusing history is likewise cleared occasionally. At whatever point you download any record or application it quickly checks whether or not it is protected to utilize. It likewise learns the machine framework so that machines of pc may not get delayed down during utilizing the Pc. At the point when it recognizes the ransomware, spyware, malware, or Trojans it promptly squares or cleans the infections, without upsetting the capacity of different frameworks. It even distinguishes and squares hurtful sites through web based looking. Find out about Vipre antivirus on Wikipedia.

Downloading and installing process of Features & benefits of VIPRE Security?

There are two types of plans present in VIPRE antivirus which are Home-based & business-based. Let’s see both procedures;

For business Purpose

  • Turn on your computer & open any web browser like, chrome, Mozilla
  • Type the URL
  • Go to the menu section.
  • Choose the option for business.
  • Then click on subscribe option.
  • Enter your email, country, zip/postal code.
  • Add your card details.
  • Then make payment.
  • After that Download VIPRE Security setup.
  • Install the software.
  • Your license key received in your registered email id
  • Then ready to use the VIPRE Software.

For home

  • The protection for home-based is different for business purposes.
  • Go to any web browser like Chrome, Mozilla etc. and type URL The official site will appear in front of you.
  • On the home page of website, you will see learn more option and free trial option.
  • Then click on the more option. In learn, more you will see various plans with their prices and features.
  • But instead of choosing any plan go for the menu option in the corner.
  • In the menu option click on For home option. Then the plans for home purposes will appear on the screen.
  • Now click on subscribe option of any plan you need. Then make Payment by adding the payment mode and details.
  • After that on the mail receive the software and license key code.
  • Click on software for downloading the setup. After Downloading the setup double click on it and Run the setup.
  • Then Agree on the terms & conditions and then click on the Install option. Here you are done with the
  • Download and install Features & benefits of viper antivirus for home.

Now let’s see process for downloading and installing the software for business as below;


License keycode or product keycode of viper antivirus

The permit key code for Features and advantages of snake antivirus is the way of Activation of the antivirus. The keycode is 25 digits. The digits are numbers just as letters. The Activation code accompanies the arrangement you buy. The utilization of this keycode is just for one an ideal opportunity for one PC or Mac or Android cell phone.

How to use keycode or Activation code?

  • Open the application of Vipre.
  • Open account option.
  • Then open the key code option.
  • Enter your keycode.
  • Viper gets active.
  • Install software on the computer.
  • Agree on the terms and conditions.
  • Boxes will seem.
  • Enter the keycode in given boxes.
  • Click on Activate option.
  • Viper gets active.

How to Create partner Account on VIPRE

For a partner Account, there is more special protection by the viper antivirus. So get partner Account on the Features & advantages of viper antivirus for a better experience of viper antivirus. To create Account on it follow the steps below;

  • In the browser of device search the URL
  • Then go for original site of a viper. After that, you will see the menu option above in corner which is in three horizontal lines.
  • After hitting on the menu click on partner login option. Log in with your email address and password if you have an account of the Features & benefits of viper antivirus.
  • Below that you will see Register option. There enter your email ID first which is a business email address.
  • Then click on Next option. A form will seem. Fill in all the login details.
  • Enter your first name, last name, Phone number, address, country, state, postal code, city, and some questions.
  • The questions are about your position in company.
  • Then enter the name, address, country, State, City, postal code, etc. of your company.
  • After that questions on the company endpoints and branches of the company.
  • Then after click on the done Registration option below. Hereafter you will receive the mail & you have to click on the link in the mail and confirm the registration.
  • Finally done with registration as a partner Account.

How do I get free trial on Vipre antivirus?

  • For free trial go for browser search with
  • Then the home page of Vipre will open. On that page, you will see two options. One option is to learn more about VIPRE and another is a free trial version
  • Then click on the second option i.e free trial on VIPRE.
  • After that, it will take you to the different options like Download Free trial for windows, free trial for MAC, Free trial for android, etc.
  • Choose any free trial option according to your device. The downloading will start.
  • After Downloading the setup follow the same procedure for installation and get a start with the Features & benefits of viper antivirus for free.

How to Remove VIPRE Security

VIPRE delivers superior protection against today’s highly complex spyware, viruses, and blended malware threats. As a Tee Support agent, my colleague keeps testing all types of popular programs. VIPRE was certainly in the list for testing and it happened just when my colleague decided to remove VIPRE on PC.

To uninstall VIPRE software, my colleague first tried following steps: Start-> Control Panel-> Add or Remove programs. To her surprise, in the list of AddRemove program, she couldn’t find any trace of VIPRE so this method was not workable.

Needing to eliminate VIPRE rapidly, my partner utilized a device called QuuSoft Uninstaller to fix the issue. She ran QuuSoft Uninstaller and couldn’t track down the undesirable program there in the fundamental interface of QuuSoft Uninstaller, as well. Shockingly, my associate before long chose to eliminate the program with the Force Uninstall capacity of Quusoft Uninstaller and coming up next was the entire advances:


Step One: Booted computer into safe mode by restarting the PC & keeping to press F8 key during the start up;

Step Two: Ran Quusoft Uninstaller and then choose Force Uninstall option on the top of the main interface of the uninstaller;

Step Three: In window that followed, clicked OK to proceed;

Step Four: Clicked the icon next to Scanning the program to choose the folder in the hard drive named Subnet Software and then clicked Next to start removing software. Followed on-screen prompts until complete, then the program was uninstalled. (It was highly recommended to uninstall the subfolders one by one);

Step Five: Delete shortcut of VIPRE on the desktop;

Step Six: Navigated to Local Disk C> Program files> Subnet software. Right-clicked it and selected Delete;

Step Seven: Empty computer’s Recycle Bin.

By managing above steps, my colleague got rid of VIPRE but she was still curious about the VIPRE program so she reinstalled it again. This time, she was able to get antivirus software in Control Panel then the answer to why the problem of failing to uninstall software on Control panel happened at the beginning came to her in a flash of inspiration. Something probably got corrupted during the install. This was rare, but it did happen.